Live Clean Mens

When these bad boys landed on my doorstep, I wasn’t sure who I’d be able to rope into testing them out. Don’t worry I’m still totally planning to die alone, I convinced my cousin’s boyfriend to be my lab rat. … Continue reading

Live Clean Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had recently dyed my hair and in doing so changed my washing schedule up a bit. Every second day, I’m normally skipping a wash and taking advantage of sleeping in and my … Continue reading

Live Clean Professional Age Resist Collection

Until now, I had only tried Live Clean skincare products, so when I had the chance to try Live Clean’s Professional Age Resist Collection I jumped at the opportunity. I’m always on board to support Canadian companies, especially when they … Continue reading

Masker Aide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

I feel like I’m really late to the sheet mask game! I did buy one a while back, but the cashier neglected to put it in my bag, so it never made its way back home with me. I had … Continue reading