Bye Bye Beauty & the Blog…Hello Pretty Strange

img_5141Change is totally bittersweet. I’ve been working on Beauty & the Blog for the last couple years, but things have been a bit stale lately. It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that I’ll be taking a break from my blog to pursue a new venture with my bestie Sam. I’ve always loved writing about beauty, but have been looking for a new outlet to embrace my creative heart.

This partnership couldn’t have been better timed, and has allowed me to really focus on creating cool and interesting content, while working with my BFF. She’s a Toronto-based photographer, and has an eye for real style.

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me on my journey, I truly could not have done it without you. If you want to follow us along on our new adventure, please head to to see what we’ve been cooking up.

Please be sure to keep in touch! We’re always on the lookout for collaborators and can’t wait to hear from you babes. Feel free to shoot us an email if you think we might be a good fit

@prettystrangeca on Instagram

@prettystrangeca on Twitter

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