Esqido Lashes

Esquido Lashes Holt RenfrewIf I told you that applying false lashes is amongst my top ten fears you’d probably laugh, right? Well I might be exaggerating, but in my 27 years I’ve never really perfectly the art. So imagine my surprise when Esqido invited me to the launch of their fab new lash line, I was luck enough to bring along my fab bestie and pro photog Sam, check out her awesomeness in its full glory. Esquido LashesAvailable at Holt Renfrew and online, these mink lashes scream luxury. Originally I wanted to try the BFF lash, but I was told they might be too heavy for a first timer, so I paced myself with Lashlorette instead.Applying Esquido LashesApplication is totally doable, even for first timers! Simply remove your lashes from the tray (gently of course!) and fit the lashes to the base of our natural lash line, trimming away any excess from the outer corner. Apply lash glue along the cotton band of the falsies and wait a few seconds before adhering to your natural lash line. Hold them for a few seconds. I actually needed a few tries but once applied, voila instant glam! You don’t need (and should not!) apply mascara to your false lashes. Beauty and the Blog Esquido LashesThe payoff was absolutely amazing, and I’ve already got pretty full lashes. The best part? You can reuse these bad boys up to 25 times, you just need to ensure that you take good care, and remove the glue after each application. Be sure to remove your lashes before removing any other make up, and use a cotton swab dipped in remover and rub along the band of the lashes to remove any excess glue. Then pop them back in their box to preserve them for your next night out on the town. A little shedding is totally natural, but be sure to store them properly and keep them clean. Esquido Lashes Beauty and the Blog

Esqido Lashlorette Mink False Lashes, $35

Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue, $10

Do you wear false lashes?

Product was received for editorial consideration, as always my opinions are my own!

One thought on “Esqido Lashes

  1. Ooh, the lashes are so pretty and glamorous! I’m the same way with falsies- intimidated by application and have yet to find any that feel comfortable. But these sound great! :)

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