Waxon Waxbar

Waxon Wax Bar Queen ESummer is in full swing, which means hair removal is a serious thing on my mind. I had the opportunity try a couple services at Waxon Waxbar, a full service wax bar for both ladies and gents.Waxon Wax Bar TreatsOriginally I was just going to get an arm wax (I’m a little sensitive about my furry arms) but I was tempted to try a below the belt service after learning about their illusive (not to mention exclusive) gold wax. For the record, I’m totally cool with ladies having as much or as little body hair as they would like.Waxon Wax Bar Queen E RoomI’ve had my arms waxed once before, but the experience pales on comparison. Pina from the Queen E location has over 13 years experience as a waxer, so I was comfortable in her hands. The experience took around 15-20 minutes and was virtually painless. My arms were smooth to the touch, and I had little to no reaction – a little redness but nothing out of the ordinary. To maintain my wax I exfoliated 3 times a week and followed up with a light lotion.
Waxon Wax bar Arm Wax Beauty and the BlogWaxon Gold WaxA week later I went back for another round of waxing at Waxon, this time for a Brazilian. I popped by the busy Bloor W location, where I met Stephanie, a waxer with 9 years experience. If you’ve never had a below the belt service it can be a little awkward, but Stephanie was super professional and totally eased any concerns I had. The best thing about Waxon is that they only use hard wax for their below the belt services. If you’re not sure what the difference is, hard wax doesn’t require a strip and doesn’t grip your skin meaning it’s less likely that you’ll have any tears in that sensitive area. The hard wax is made of all natural bees wax and infused with the highest quality polymers to make waxing virtually painless! Perfect to grip super fine hairs! They also use a 5 step process: refresh, relax, wax, relieve, renew. They cleanse and prep the skin, do the waxing, and then cleanse and apply a serum to ease any irritation. Waxon Wax BarI can honestly say hands down, Waxon was the best waxing experience I’ve ever had. Not only is it basically a painless experience, but it’s totally comforting to know that each waxer is trained and has years of experience. It seems like a lot of places do waxing these days, but sometimes it’s best to leave it to the people who specialize in getting the job done! Both locations I visited were clean, vibrant, and had lovely welcoming staff. I can’t recommend them enough! Oh, and waxing that’s BASICALLY painfree? SIGN ME UP!! Waxon Wax Bar Gold Wax

The Braziliant, $43

Full Arm, $30

Have you visited Waxon Waxbar?

Services were provided for editorial consideration, as always my opinions are my own!

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