Spotlight: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet

The Body Shop Satsuma Body SorbetOne of the things I’m laziest about is moisturizing my legs, but it’s so important (not to mention necessary) once summertime rolls around. To battle a bit of leftover winter dryness, I’ve been testing out The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet, which was included in my huge CBB win!

It’s a light, fruity moisturizer with a texture unlike any other moisturizer I’ve ever used before. Not quite a gel, not quite a lotion, I agree with the lovely Miss J, it’s more like a puree. When I squeezed it out of the tube, it had the texture of baby food. Of course it smells a lot yummier than baby food, the zingy Satsuma scent is one of my longtime favourite Body Shop smells. If you’re not a fan of orange though, there are 4 other delicious scents available (Grapefruit, Mango, Moringa, and Strawberry).

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet3Aside from the delicious summer scent, my favourite part is that unlike regular cream moisturizers this stuff absorbs into my skin almost instantly making it a favourite to apply before work. To get the most out of your moisturizer apply post-shower, within 5 minutes of stepping out.  Your skin will still be a bit moist and it will help lock the moisture into your skin.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet2Although the formula is a bit on the thicker side (like I said, puree) it’s not heavy. It instantly melts into your skin without a greasy or sticky after feel. Stick it in the fridge if you’re rocking a mild sunburn (it contains organic Aloe Vera) or for a burst of refreshing moisture. I like that this stuff isn’t wildly expensive, and The Body Shop always has amazing sales, so I’m sure you could pick it up along with some other goodies. It does claim to give 24 hour hydration, but that would probably be the only thing I would challenge about this product. It did leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but I’d probably bet on reapplying before bed.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Sorbet, $15

Which scent do you want to try?

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